Question i5 6500+1660 Super+ Windows 7+12 GB DDR4 stuttering a lot while offline gaming.

Jul 22, 2023
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I have and old system. i5 6500+1660 Super+ Windows 7+12 GB DDR4+256 GB SSD+500 Watts PSU. I try to play racing games. But games like Need For Speed Payback offline are not playing very well. In 1080p high setting, I m getting very jerky frame rates. Games stutters a lot and CPU hit 100%. I just wanted to ask if i5 6500 is this bad for this game?
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What exactly is that RAM configuration? If you have 2x4 and one extra 4GB stick in there you'll be running the RAM in single channel mode which might well make things worse CPU wise. If thats the case try taking out the odd 4GB making sure the 2 you leave in are in the correct slots according to your motherboard manual.
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