I Need Enjoyable Game

Oct 25, 2022
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Im play Apex Valo Dota2 Genshin impact command and Conqueror 3 stronghold Legend (Old Memory) BlackDessert(mobile 2 years ago lmao)
if u have genre feel like me just show your game bro, im just bored at all game :( (add) I finished Prototype 1&2,NFSMW and Underground when i was high school
Welcome to the forum :)

im just bored at all game
Well then, obviously there's no point in us suggesting anything.

Try going for a run, cycle, drive, swim, ball game etc etc until you get your love for gaming back.

Read a book, watch a movie, hang with friends, take up a hobby, start a project, find someone who needs help, volunteer… so much you can do until gaming calls you again.
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The problem with pc games is finding a genre that has never been done before , i have been into pc games for 20 years and its not very often you come across something that has never been done before. When i get bored i dig out something i have not used for a very long time and take a trip down memory lane.

Seriously though if you are looking for more of what you like playing then just type .... games similar to xyz and you might just find something you have never used before


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Those games are mostly the high action type, so maybe try the newer Doom games?

The Steam sale is on, too, so you can try out stuff for pretty cheap. Or do the XBOX Game Pass for PC - that lets you try out MANY games! You just pay $10 (?? better check that) per month and you can play scores of different games all you want.
The problem with pc games is finding a genre that has never been done before ...
Every game can be "the same as another game" if you blur the details enough. In Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous you lead your character around, click on some demons, a few times, and make them die until you win. In Doom, you do the same thing. So Doom is the same game as P:WotR.
Hello again to you Zloth , i agree with your comment about ..... same as another game .... we see this over and over again , their are tons of games around that look like something else , they all follow the same senario , go on a quest , kill something , go back for reward and the repeat the process till you have completed all quests.

On the subject of ... same as .... about 20 years ago a game called age of mythology was released , not long after a look a like came out and it was even featured in pc gamer magazine , instead of soldiers it had animls and you could do daft things like invent your own animal , half horse , half snake etc ... it was obviously a rip off because the cheeky so and so's even used aom scenery , the reviewer said something like ..... lawsuit pending you may not get chance to buy it.

BIG xmas gift to anyone who can remeber the name of it ... i cant.


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