I am using dual screens but every time I open a game to play the window opens somewhere hidden. Any ideas?

Jan 29, 2020
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So I have a decent set up so I thought I would run two monitors so I could keep track of streaming using the elgato 4k60 pro on a different screen. anyway, All the display settings are finally perfect so I can use both monitors with ease for things like google or computer files etc but the second I click on Overwatch or Resident Evil 2 the applications opens in the start bar but doesn't actually appear anywhere. If I hold alt an tab I can see the window I want but clicking it does nothing, it doesnt show on either screen and I cant access it any way that I have tried. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I literally can't use this PC for anything until it's resolved

I don't know if it will definitely work, but you could try these:

Edit: Or maybe changing the main display in the Display Settings (Right-click on desktop)
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Try this.
  1. Disconnect your 2nd monitor.
  2. Make sure that your games are opening correctly.
  3. Reconnect the second monitor then go into Display Settings and make sure that they are detected correctly.
Feb 5, 2020
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Select the correct active monitor in the Nvidia driver as well if ya running Nvidia graphics. . ussally a restart fixes it for me as well. Most windows 10 but like that are simply fixed by restarting windows
Sounds like Windows thinks it has 3 monitors. Maybe you've moved a cable to another input, and Windows thinks you've added another.

Right-click desktop, go to display settings. There you can see how many monitors you have. If there are three there, hit identify, and click the missing one. Scroll down to near the bottom. Use the dropdown menu, and choose deactivate/disconnect monitor.