Question How to select suitable size Air Cooler for Gigabyte C200G and MSI B450 Tomahawk MB.

I don't know how to calculate the size. I want to know that if Antec A400 Air Cooler will fit in my Gigabyte C200G case with MSI B450 Tomahawk Motherboard with XPG Gammix D30 16GB Ram for AMD Ryzen 2600 Processor.


If anybody can tell me how to calculate.
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If you scroll down to the Maximum Compatibility section here; you'll see that the CPU cooler(height) limit is 165mm. You seemed to have left out one critical information, which is, what processor are you looking to cool? If you're working with any Ryzen CPU, you're going to get a box cooler which is good enough.

I'm going to cool a ryzen 2600 with it...

Do you mean the CPU Height is the height of the cooler it can contain...????? Then the height of the cooler is 155mm meaning it can fit...?
The Ryzen 5 2600(both X and non-X) come with a box cooler. You're unnecessarily spending money on a component that can be bought later down the road(6 months+), not right now and certainly not when you seem to be on a budget since people who look at the Antec cooler tend to have a crippled wallet(no offence).

That case needs to either be scrapped or you need to replace it for a better built case. In retrospect that case is horribly designed in terms of airflow.

As for the build, don't forget to choose a dual channel DDR4-3200MHz ram kit to get the most out of your Ryzen platform.
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So what CPU Cooler I should go for.
Perhaps you didn't read the prior post, I meant to say nothing, the stock cooler will get the job done - provided you pick a case that has good airflow. Montech, Aigo/Dark Flash, Thermaltake and Corsair are brands you should access to being located in the Asia Pacific Region.

I'm assuming you've picked a CV series Corsair or a Thermaltake SMART or a Gigabyte PSU. If you're picking a badly built PSU for that build, then you might as well just save the money and not build a system to begin with since a badly built PSU can and will take out more than itself, read the innards of your system.
I don't have the stock cooler it was a deal of only the chip with a Chinese cooler the cooler has 4 copper heat pipes so it seemed good at the time but the problem is that it overheats my CPU and after reaching 100-degree centigrade the PC shuts down. So I changed the original PC fan with another gigabyte one which worked better and had to underclock the processor to 3.6GHz. I think I should first change the casing then go for a 240mm Liquid Cooler.

By the way, I have a Redragon RGPS 600w 80 Plus Bronze power supply. I built this PC last year in October and had to make some compromises and since bought some things but these are mostly peripherals.

Give me your opinion.
For context, we'll need more information. This site isn't located in Pakistan which is why we ask users to post links to the sites they have access to(alongside a budget) to better understand what the end user has access to. We could very well suggest the best bang for the buck cooler in the world but if you don't have access to it, we just wasted resources referring one to you.

To add, might want to add pictures of the "Chinese" cooler, perhaps your problem can be solved with a thermal paste change with one that's of higher quality or the base line fact being that you're yet trying to justify working with a case that's horribly designed airflow wise. Improper mounting of the cooler can also result in high temps. Also, is PBO enabled or disabled in BIOS? Speaking of which BIOS version for your motherboard?

You could just have your system/parts(outside of the case) on your desk in a bench setup and see better temps all around and avoid spending money on an AIO and a case if you're very strapped on a budget, which is apparent given how you've invested in a PSU that's worse than the ones I've mentioned prior to your post.
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