How should I part this laptop out...selling

Jan 24, 2023
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I've got a Lenovo E 535 ThinkPad laptop I hardly ever used and kept around as a backup. Recently I went to boot it up and after charging nothing happened. I took it to a professional computer repair guy and he said it's toast; said something about a known problem with the motherboard. He suggested I just part it out or sell it outright.

So I'm wondering...what's the best way to sell this carcass of a computer to get the most out of it? Should I take the memory, hard drive or anything else out and sell them separately, or should I just let the whole thing go as one item?

Also, could anyone translate this line found on a sticker on the back that denotes the computer's stats...

Lenovo E535 A10 - 4600m 2.3/6/750/DR/15.6/W7P-W8

Only thing I get out of that is a 15.6" monitor.

Also, I'm not sure how to describe this memory if I were to sell it. Can anyone translate this sticker and let me know how I should advertise this memory? Thanks.



AMD A10 APU processor and GPU combo, it was a mid to low range laptop when it released almost 10 years ago, all the parts will be soldered to it I'd expect, so if the motherboard is toast so is everything else other tnan HDD and memory.

The relevant part number for the RAM is PC3 12800. Its 4GB DDR3 1600Mt/s per stick. I have no idea how proprietary laptop memory is, but its not worth much.

The hard drive is a 500GB 2.5" spinner, worth a few dollars at best these days at the age its at, probably not long for this world, I wouldnt trust it with my data.

@Lutfij might know better than me, I dont deal with many laptops.
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Looking for your serial number/specs, I came across two other threads posted on two other forums. You should get a plethora of answers with all 3 sites combined.

Lenovo E535 A10 - 4600m 2.3/6/750/DR/15.6/W7P-W8;
Lenovo E535
A10-4600m 2.3GHz
6 cell battery
DR - must be your optical drive which should be a DVD-RW/CD drive
15.6" display
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 8

Everything in that laptop is bespoke to your particular unit, apart from the rams used, in case they're not soldered onto the motherboard, the ODD and the HDD. Honestly, the ram isn't mentioned in the line you've included. With that said, you should forgo any intention to part out your laptop. For the amount of time you'll spend selling them, you might find it more beneficial to have them handy as spare parts in case you turn up with a laptop to troubleshoot. The HDD would probably be plagued with bad sectors and if not, it might not be worth much if you do sell it, even on Ebay. With 2.5" drive mounting locations on concurrent PC cases, you could just salvage the drive for additional storage or have it handy for having a backup(of a backup of a backup, not kidding) of your mission critical files. You could sell the shell of the laptop but if you end up tampering with the clips/screw mounts, then the part might be returned.

Last point, this site deals with PC gaming, your laptop was designed for use in a business environment(albeit with an APU, which might give unsuspecting users the notion that someone can game off of it). I don't think the answers you've gotten aren't much but please understand that we don't specialize in parting out laptops.