How old is your oldest save file?

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my computer could only save to tape so the chances of even finding one of those tapes now after 40 years is unlikely. It also let me play games off cartridge so at least not all games required me to rewind the tape to replay them again.

back then you could buy magazines with games to type out. Imagine that now... okay, lets print the 10000 page magazine and sprinkle a few ads between the lines of code.
I spent a lot of hours typing in those game programs.
back then you could buy magazines with games to type out
That got old after a while. I learned to wait for the following month's issue with the errata for the previous month's games.

most had very good quality and it might have had something to do with that all the tapes were stored in a dark and dry place and maybe just been watched one or two times
Same here. All the old family videos that nobody wanted to watch and where everybody said "Find some dark place to hide them"—great quality!
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