How much could I sell my pc for

Nov 12, 2021
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I have had this pc for a while but I've been wanting to upgrade so I was wondering how much I would be able to get for it. These are my specs: Ryzen 7 1700x with GTX 1080 turbo oc. 128 GB SSD with 2 TB HDD. 650-watt PSU and 16 gb ddr4 ram. all inside a Cyberpower case. I would appreciate the help !
I would seriously consider just selling the MB and CPU, and replacing them. The GTX 1080 you have are currently going for $300 to $400 used, and higher end OCed models for much more. You would be hard pressed to replace it at a reasonable price with today's inflated prices. The only other thing you may want to sell is the 128GB SSD, which is small by today's standards. I also have no idea what level of PSU you have as far as brand, model, and efficiency rating.

Overall it's really a very vague description of parts on pretty much every component, especially considering what you're asking.

Just a couple examples, these 2 parts alone, depending on the quality of the other parts mentioned, could do you well until prices stabilize, which could take some time.

MB -


I have a GTX 1080 myself in my current rig, and there's not a game it can't play, usually at max settings. That's nothing to sneeze at in the circumstances we are in presently with the problems we're having.
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