PCG Article How long would it take an AI to crack your password?


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Here's a PCG article about an AI that can crack most 4-7 character passwords in seconds.

The article includes a link to the cybersecurity company's webpage where you can type in a password and see how long it would take AI to figure it out. In the picture below, I typed a password in that is equivalent, but not the same, to my most important password, Google. Two-factor authentication makes my email password critical.


One trillion years. I'll have to remember to change it before then.

So how long would it take an AI to crack your passwords?


Apr 11, 2023
However, if you are referring to how long it would take for an AI to crack a password set by a user, it depends on several factors, including the strength of the password and the capabilities of the AI, used for the cracking attempt.
Password strength is determined by the length, complexity, and randomness of the characters used. Longer passwords with a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters are generally considered stronger. On the other hand, shorter passwords or those that are easily guessable, such as common words or simple patterns, are weaker and can be cracked more easily.
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Some sites that require you to set a password actually place restrictions on the characters you can use such as NO symbols , if these were allowed it would be like adding extra letters to the alphabet thus increasing the number of possible combinations.

The person who will do the most damage to you is a casual friend who you did not see looking at what your typing. One of my pals had a geek gaming weekend at his home and during that time somebody found his list of passwords for games and other stuff. He only found out what had happened when a few days latter he went to use his printer and the scanned password sheet had been left in the printer by the person who used it.

Over the years i have seen the following question on lots of forums ..... i forgot my password .... obviously nobody answers the question.

Their is something you can type into the run box to stop windows asking you for your microsoft password before you get to the desktop but of course you need to know the password before you can get to desktop to do it.