How good are gamers at managing their emotions while in-game?

Sep 24, 2022
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I'm doing research as a part of my Master's thesis on gamers' emotion regulation strategies while in-game.

This survey takes around 15 minutes and consists of:
  • 3 questionnaires regarding your personality, emotion regulation and personal attitudes
  • questions regarding demographic metrics
  • questions regarding video gaming preferences and behaviours
Welcome to the forum :)

True, took me 18 minutes.

Survey seems legit.

One Q was unclear to me, maybe needs clarification:
"Whenever possible, I avoid it to realize my feelings"
What is the "it"?

I think the it is unnecessary in this context or has a generalising meaning. I know it from the German language as we need to set a pronoun in this case and it would refer to the infinitve-sentence as a whole. Means in short: I avoid it. What? To realize my feelings.
If I have a feeling and don't realize it, how am I supposed to report that I had it?

I have a philosophical and a rational answer to your question. I‘ll be kind and spare you the philosophical one :)
I think it was meant to ask if you actively try to hide/forget your feelings/emotions while playing a game. It is not clear though if this only asks about emotions that are evoked through the gaming or if it means all emotions in general. For example when you lost someone recently and you play a game to forget your sadness for a while?
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Sep 24, 2022
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Thank you for your replies and for filling out the survey - good to see that the timing checks out too!

I agree with your points on the "Whenever possible, I avoid it to realize my feelings" question - it definitely can be a bit confusing but that's how it's written in the official translation into English, which means it's how it was validated and how it should be used.

It's my understanding that the "it" is there as a generalisation and that this question basically asks whether you're aware that you're feeling some kind of emotion but don't want to acknowledge it or recognise what it is.

Also, that's a great suggestion, thank you! I'm not sure if I'll be able to include something of this kind in this paper but it's definitely a good lead for the future, especially if those players would be interested in giving an interview about their experiences.

Well I'm a bit too lazy to do the survey I'm afraid.
But I wanted to give a suggestion; try watching various YouTubers playing a Lets Play of "Getting Over It" and write/analyze their reactions.


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