Question How do you fix a camera that stops working in OBS?

Nov 26, 2021
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Unfortunately, OBS suddenly stopped detecting my 2 cameras (Sony a6600, and a Logitech Brio webcam), which were being used for a Zoom meeting. Do you have any suggestions to have OBS detect the cameras again? They were working earlier this evening.

Also, the sound doesn't seem to come through the VBCable anymore, and I'm not sure what do.

Please help.
I know nothing about this, but pending someone knowledgeable stopping by, try the tried and trusted first steps of trouble shooting.

♣ Reboot—that tends to fix 50% of all glitches.

♦ Uninstall OBS and reinstall.

Since both cameras were affected simultaneously, it's very likely a software problem, rather than hardware.

Do the cameras work in any other app? This should resolve if Zoom is the problem.

Since this needs a driver, have a peek in Device Manager to see if there are any warning markers in the relevant sections.

If still unsolved, you might get quicker/better help in the OBS forums.


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