Question How do you feel about Time Attack? And rankings?

May 16, 2021
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Do you enjoy games where they time you for a stage and if you beat the time, you get a golden medal?

Is it just a filler?

Has there ever been a game where they implemented a time attack very badly?
Do you enjoy games where they time you
No, I detest that. I get no enjoyment from headless chicken play, so I avoid it where possible.

Has there ever been a game where they implemented a time attack very badly?
As I avoid them, I'm a bad comparative judge, but the most recent occurrence was in Far Cry 5. There were 9 or 12 'capture sequences' in it—you would be plucked out of whatever you were doing, eg flying a helicopter, and spirited into a bunker from which you had to escape in a series of timed runs.

I quit the game early on when I discovered there was more than one such event, and I didn't resume until the Resistance mod provided a solution. Many players hated these capture sequences, hope Ubisoft learned a lesson.

Timed runs are particularly egregious when you can't save before them, so you end up having significant replay to get back to the timed point.
Aug 10, 2021
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it depends on the genre i think, i play racing games,open world racing games like need for speed heat,forza horizon 4 and unfortunately for everyone else playing-racing sims (im honestly terrible at them and dont have feeling in my feet/legs in order to use a wheel/footpedals).
so i enjoy time attack in racing games as im playing against myself, i know its not PC (not refering to 'politicaly correct') but before my sega saturns capacitors died i was playing sega rally time attack in the oldskool toyota celica every day through a retroTINK 2X SCART upscaler, it looked amazing right up till the motherboard capacitors started going screwy (and then just died).

however, im not a fan of time attack in other genres, like FPS,platformers,hack and slashers etc.and i dont do speed runs or anything like that.
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If you mean in racing games, I prefer point A to B checkpoint races over Time Attack. IMO sector time attack events are the worst, but if the course is long and interesting enough, sometimes best lap Time Attack events I can get into. Checkpoint racing always feels more adventurous and spontaneous though.

Calling the timed increment a "stage" though is really a misnomer. For instance Rally and Enduro races are done in stages judged on time, but they are not true Time Attack events.
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I enjoyed the time mode in the original Mirror's Edge.

But I don't think it was implemented very well because the top scores were obvious cheats. You could watch the ghost from their runs and see them just fly into the air randomly and reach the end.

So I quickly stopped trying it, but I think the idea had a lot of potential, especially with the ghost to show you how to play a map faster.
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