how do game bugs affect you.

my gpu is a zotac gtx 1080 put in a custom build rig 7 years ago and can still hold its own against newer gpu ,.The cpu is Intel® Core™i7 Six Core Processor i7-6800K (3.4GHz) 15MB Cache. The motherboard is ASUS® ROG STRIX X99 . The ram is 16GB HyperX FURY DDR4 2133MHz (4 x 4GB)... ssd are hyperx savage.

So the reason for the posting .... i read reviews and postings about bugs in game and sometimes they puzzle me , i have a few games that run my system flat out even when i am only on the menus but i know others have the same problem.

So heres the thing ... i run game xyz without a problem right to the end , that is if it has an ending , then i see postings by users with better set ups than mine saying constant crashes and cant run it.

I have also experienced the opposite , i have got refunds on games that just wont co-operate and then i read postings by players with lower spec machines than me saying they can run the same game now problem.

i wanted to run railway empire but sat at menus my pc fans and cpu were running flat out , the devs admitted memory leaks but they have never fixed it.
Horizon zero dawn is brilliant and i completed it but why would shader optimiser run EVERY time you launch the game , once it has stopped i can use it without a problem.
Fundamental reason different people have different experiences is that there are a very huge number of possible PC configs—hardware + software. At least trillions, probably quadrillions or more.

There's also the thing that 2 parts made one after the other won't be exactly similar, so assemblies made from apparently 'same' parts can easily be significantly different from each other.

So the relative 'strength' of 2 or 10 assemblies we always talk about is only a part of the difference between any 2 PCs.

Thankfully, a huge percentage of the hugeillions of configs are trivial—ie unlikely to have any impact on performance. But you're still left with at least millions of variations which can or do matter.
I have been playing Warzone 2.0 and my rig should able to run everything on ultra. The problem is that NVIDIA and the game do not work well together and I did for a time experience constant annoying crashes in lobby and while playing. The solution for me was to put ALL the graphics on very low or low and then switch from NVIDIA DSLL image sharpening to another one called FidelityFX and now everything runs perfectly (getting stable 120-144FPS) and the game looks very sharp. So, sometimes having a good rig will get you into a lot of problems with higher settings if the game is poorly optimized, but you'll be able to tweak the setting and make it run smoothly and look good on lower settings with minimal hit to GPU/CPU.
That HZD shader optimiser issue was a common complaint, so they just hid it from players. But most games take about the same time to fully load I find.

The only 'bug' was with SofW getting stuck in a loading loop. Just start game from desktop shortcut.

There's always a fix and at least twenty people had the same problem.
There's also the thing that 2 parts made one after the other won't be exactly similar, so assemblies made from apparently 'same' parts can easily be significantly different from each other.

That makes sense Brian cos a dev joined in a thread on steam when i spoke about this and he said his company had a batch of pc's all identical and every now and again one of them would refuse to co-operate
So yesterday, Fatshark released the much anticipated major update to Darktide. So we go in and select a mid-difficulty mission just to get our feet wet again. We start the mission, and I immediately crash to desktop. I restart the game and rejoin the mission. We make it to the most critical point in the mission, the final push, and my computer freezes while I'm in the middle of a hoard. It unfreezes a few seconds later, but I went from full health to nearly dead in just those few seconds. I fight my way out of the hoard and start to do the objectives with Guido again, and I'm suddenly disconnected from the session. I immediately click to rejoin, but it takes at least a minute to get back in, and Guido isn't playing a character that is easy to keep alive by yourself. I get back into the game, and I'm still nearly dead from when the game froze, and now Guido is on death's door from being alone for a couple of minutes. Through some miracle, we managed to finish the mission, but it was not a good look for the grand update that Darktide put out.


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On the menus running flat-out, check the frame rate on those menus. For me, Mechwarrior 5 is going at over 600 frames per second on the main menu! That's way beyond what the monitor can actually display, but the GPU calculates the frames anyway, so the computer fans crank up the wind speed to compensate.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous was getting 120+ frames per second when I was playing it. That's great for a shooter, but this game is just an isometric RPG. I capped the framerate off at 50fps (the NVIDIA drivers let you do that), and the fans didn't need to run as fast, so I was saving some energy and noise doing by doing that.
Hi zed its strange how update can totally screw up a game i have been using SATISFACTORY for over 14 months and everytime the do an update things go wrong , in one update they re-landscape part of the spire coast and the colours went really glossy to the point where i though my gtx 1080 was on its way out.

At the same time conveyors suddenly had sections that were empty resulting in machines stopping , the animals suddenly roamed around in packs of 6 or 7 making it impossible to use certain areas until they introduced a passive animal mode , trucks have a mind of their own and even after programming a route they go walk about and do their own thing. Trees and bushes that are not supposed to regrow do so and i end up with palm trees re appearing in the middle of buildings or conveyors , travel in a hypertube and you loose some inventory. I have a massive network of conveyors and i gave up using the game until the problem was fixed.

All of the above happened after an update when only parts of the landscape was altered so i have to ask myself what went wrong.

I think i once saw you say you had used SATISFACTORY so you may have seen similar things.


Not related to SATISFACTORY ...... some older games struggle even in compatability mode because today machines are technically too good..... example .... in one of the myst games you jump on a solid mountain and fall through the structure.... i did eventually manage to do it.
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Feb 24, 2023
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Game bugs can be frustrating, especially when they interfere with gameplay mechanics, cause unexpected glitches, or result in lost progress or game crashes.

Difficulty: Bugs that make the game harder to play, such as enemies that are impossible to defeat or objectives that can't be completed, can make the game feel unfair or unbalanced.

Disconnection: If the game is multiplayer, bugs that cause players to disconnect from the game or disconnect from each other can be frustrating and disruptive.

Inability to progress: Bugs that prevent players from progressing through the game, such as game-breaking bugs that prevent story events or level progression, can be very discouraging.

Loss of immersion: Bugs that break the game's immersion, such as graphical glitches or audio bugs, can break the player's immersion in the game world and make the experience less enjoyable.