How did you come up with your gamer tag (name)?

I know @Brian Boru got his through psychosis. He literally believes himself to be the 1000 year old king of Ireland.

For me, I got "Zed" because my real last name starts with Z, and "Clampet" because I currently live in Tennessee where the Beverly Hillbillies were supposedly from. Plus, the leader of the Clampets was named "Jed", which rhymes with "Zed".


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"Sloth" was an old college name, so I used it (or variations of it) for a bunch of character names. When the MMO's came around, though, I found it all but impossible to get "Sloth" as a name, even in MMOs that just opened - or even in beta testing! So, I started using Zloth instead.

Even that is pretty popular. I wasn't the first to use the name on Steam, for instance.

He literally believes himself to be the 1000 year old king of Ireland.
Can you imagine how much back pension pay Ireland would owe him?
I worked at a place for nearly a decade; small company, about 80 people or so, give or take. I'd been to the CEO's house multiple times to assist with some technology, interacted closely with them on multiple occasions and generally just been an integral part of the company for a long period of time.

In spite of this, I'm pretty sure she didn't know my name and would regularly get my attention with a, "Hey" and sort-of a confused looked. My colleague joked that she knew me as only "Beardy Hat", given my penchant for wearing baseball hats and my always having a beard.
It's osmosis dear boy, osmosis—psychosis is behind my behavior, not my lineage. When droves of minions continue to supplicate, it just seeps in, ya know?

I currently live in Tennessee where the Beverly Hillbillies were supposedly from. Plus, the leader of the Clampets was named "Jed"
I always assumed it was a play on JC, due to the similarities…

Ireland would owe him?
GDP says they wouldn't miss it!

Frindis sounded pretty cool
I still prefer Flappy, but whatever…

sort-of a confused look
I get that a lot too—wanna join the CLUB?
[Confused Look Unique Brotherhood]

BB is local boy made good from the region where I was dragged up, so when I joined my first games forum—CivFanatics—I wanted a suitably historic civ leader kind of name, so BB was a no-brainer [but not no-Brianer].

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I've always been terrible at coming up with names, so when my brother started playing Runescape as Pifan (as he was really into pi at the time), I just used Pifan.jr. That name stuck and it's convenient because it's never taken by anyone else. I dropped the period at some point, probably because something didn't allow periods in the username, and left it out since then since it's easier to type without.
I chose my name from the vending machine company i used to work for it was called Darenth MJS.
I added the warlord as i am a die hard gamer. An office snitch heard my talking about gaming and told the owner of the company i was using his initials as my game id. Can you believe the owner said you cant do that.
I took a deep breath and said .... they are the company initials but they could also stand for My Job Sucks.

When the owner went to america he would link his phone to security cameras in the car park and if a shop floor worker was parked in the office section he would send an email saying move it.
Kaamos is the name of the 24 hour dark in Finland and Llamas are not from here, like me.

Dunno really, its pot luck whenever I sign up anywhere what I decide to be called. Rarely been a big online gamer, so being recognizable by name across games has not been important. When I played a couple MMO's along time ago I just picked silly names for my chars, like Nekked or DonCom.
Jul 27, 2023
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The only game I play online currently is Among Us, and I use the name "Vent Tech" and dress like a worker (green overalls and construction hat) . It was funnier before the game was altered to have actual engineers and stuff. Another name I used when I played online more regularly was "Peavey", because I worked with a Peavey soundbard at the time. I also used to answer the phone as "Alan Peavey", and would insist that the cold-caller or the saleasman had reached "Pioneer Electronics", where he was manager. Pioneer was another audio equipment brand. :tongueclosed:
When I played RuneScape as a kid I needed a username. I had a Yugioh card on my desk, “Elemental Hero Neo”. I took Neo and Hero from it, wanted to make it sound more “medieval” and “knight-y”, so I created NeoWarHero. Then when I would play Battlefield 2, instead of War, I changed it to NeoGunHero. For some reason that has stuck with me for 15+ years, I think it kinda rolls off the tongue nicely and it’s unique so I don’t have an issue with someone taking my username.
Aug 15, 2023
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When coming up with my gamer tag, I wanted something that was unique and reflected my personality. I started by brainstorming words or phrases that resonated with me and then began combining them in different ways. I also considered my favorite games and characters for inspiration. Eventually, I stumbled upon a combination that felt right and represented who I am as a gamer.

Another approach I took was to think about my interests outside of gaming. I looked at my hobbies, favorite movies, books, or even music genres that I enjoyed. By incorporating elements from these other areas of interest into my gamer tag, it added a personal touch and made it more meaningful to me.

Ultimately, the goal was to create a name that not only sounded cool but also had some personal significance. It's important to choose a gamer tag that you will be happy with in the long run because it becomes your online identity within the gaming community.