How come Colin McRae D.I.R.T. goes slower than Left4Dead ?

Jul 18, 2021
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I don't understand why a game that was released a year before Left4Dead runs slow like hell even at 640x480 and low details, while L4D goes well at 1024 and high details ?
My graphic card is an integrated IntelHD4000... does anyone know if there's a particular fix for this game to run it properly or should I just give up on this game ?
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Aug 10, 2021
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ive only started getting back into PC hardware this year so im getting used to todays/modern named parts,but i think not all games do well with onboard graphics, and/or laptop GPUs,i know even years ago there were some games that woudnt run full stop with either laptop onboard GPUs or PC based onboard graphics and woud just crap out with straight back to desktop errors.

i do know much of the D.I.R.T. series isnt compatible with all onboard GPU cards,so check with your version to see if its both compatible and modern enough,ive just checked steams spec list- for example the D.I.R.T. i have- number 4, it has issues with onboard cards so only supports specific ones over HD5570,but i have a entry level gaming laptop with 8GB of RAM,a dedicated RTX 2060 card with its own dedicated memory,a 2.60GHz 8 core ryzen 7 4000 CPU, and it still runs slow and looks not that amazing on mine so im not surprised your D.I.R.T. is needing a more beefy setup.

rally driving games like the D.I.R.T. series need constant processing,a high draw rate from the GPU,quite high video memory dedicated to it, and im not sure computers with onboard graphics are going to be able meet its needs.

if youve bought this on steam,remember you can get your money back if youve only spent a certain amount of time playing it (my support staff are always telling me this but i forget how long it can be up to-less than an hour?)


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