Question How can I solve the fan noise problem in the DEEPCOOL PQ650M power supply?

Apr 20, 2024
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How can I solve the fan noise problem with the DEEPCOOL PQ650M power supply [R-PQ650M-FA0B-EU]? Who else has come across it? Judging by the reviews, this problem occurs in many people. Other manufacturers also have a similar problem. But the squeak of the throttles is also added to it. Which power supply with an active cooling switch should I choose so that there is no fan noise and throttle squeak?
generally not advisable to open a power supply so best fix is buy someone else.

I don't think I ever heard my Corsair RM1000x as its fan probably rarely runs and its got a magnetic levitation fan so no moving parts inside fan apart from blade.

But the squeak of the throttles is also added to it.

active cooling switch? do you mean to control if fan is on or not?
I know Seasonic PSU have those, i had one of these until a year or so ago - I replaced it as I needed more power
They make good PSU.
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that is hit and miss, probably find examples of every PSU causing that.

I can't say I have heard it on Seasonic or Corsair but then its possible I can't hear it at all. I have listened to videos of it and not heard anything. Even through ANC Headphones. Only thing I hear from my PC is fans.

coil whine generally occurs under high load so curious what specs of PC are, \

one way to not hear the noise - use headphones while playing - this was suggested to me as a fix to one problem I had. I did buy some but always forget to use them in games.
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