Horizon Zero Dawn - Did you Love it or Hate it ?

Aug 22, 2021

So I'm so on the fence about buying this game; it doesn't quite look like the kind of thing I'd normally play - and yet it consistently gets killer reivews.
It's so hard to get a sense of gameplay from videos etc especially as it looks either way too easy and simplistic, or 78% cutscenes?

I think it's the whole robot animals thing that gives me most pause...

Also, I've never really played many of these Console Style games so I don't really have a great idea of what it's likely to be like?

I'm curious were many of you on the fence or even thought you'd hate it - and were surprised to find you actually really enjoyed it?
Similarly - the other way around ?

For reference - games I've been loving lately are Death Stranding Director's Cut, Just Cause 4 Reloaded, Tomb Raider 2013, the modern Wolfenstein reboot series, Portal 2, Pool Nation Fx, Euro Truck Simulator 2 etc

Also curious if you can mod it for the way it looks and/or maps etc. (especially as the graphics look quite dated already).

Thanks for your help
curious if you can mod it

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I think it's the whole robot animals thing that gives me most pause...
It's one of my favorite games ever. A lot to do, decent side quests, good NPCs. It's a bit like The Witcher 3 in that way.

As for you biggest concern, the robot animals, that was my biggest concern as well. The story make this scenario plausible in a sci-fi setting, and I have zero concerns about it now.
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I got HZD when i first came out and its the only game i have completed and then started again the following day ... i usually only replay games say 6 month down the line or when i am waiting for something new to come out.

A lot of players say their are too many cut scenes but if you dont watch them all you wont understand where the story is going

footnote to slasken ..... i removed the spoiler so maybe you should remove what you quoted
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Jan 13, 2020
Here's my take on it:

If you're hungry for an open world game this is a darn good one. Your concerns about the robot animals are kind of interesting because those are the best parts of the game. Battling robots is one of the big separators from other games. Battling with humans is really not that great in HZD.

The story is actually really interesting in terms of the worldbuilding, however the areas of the story I disliked were the tribal backstories. That plus some pretty cheesy voice acting made it all feel pretty campy.

I played HZD shortly after Death Stranding and AC: Odyssey, and although HZD's world is beautiful and varied, I still prefer the other games. Once again, it's a really great game, it just didn't wow me like other open world titles have.
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I liked it, then I hated it, then I loved it. The tutorial and beginner area were fine. Soon after I made it to the big, open world, though, I started to lose interest. It's a neat looking world, but what's its story? Eventually, I climbed the mighty "tower of lore" that finally gave me some background as to what this world really is and what happened in it to make it like it was. Then I started to love it!

No idea what you are talking about with respect to a 'console game' - especially with Death Stranding and Tomb Raider 2013 on your list. The graphics are great, too.
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