Hitman 3 review -Agent 47's Second Redumption

Jan 26, 2021
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So finally we have come to the last chapter of the Hitman 3 World of Assassination Trilogy which brings out a dramatic conclusion to the saga that started with the 2016's Hitman. IO Interactive have enabled to draw attention to the trilogy with James Bond style stealth missions and sandbox locations, maps and bringing out the end of a qualitative series. Starting with the Prologue of eliminating Marcus Stuyvesant and Carl Ingram in Dubai to other Story Missions, Hitman 3 is an embodiment of a fantastic playthrough in PC, straight continuing from where we left in 2018's Hitman 2. Hitman 3 boasts of cool level design, adept stealth mechanics, perfect bitter traps, to bring out a bold single player tactical game. In perception, Hitman 3 is IO's one of the best game with respect to previous games, second to 2012's Hitman Absolution. Hitman 3 shows a unique brand of stealth, befitting a series finale with cheesy dialogues, relevant action and also with some twists and turns, befitting the video game series. Its the end of Providence finally which was dragging the International Contract Agency(ICA) for all these years and where many a times we had to see Agent 47 coming in terms with betrayal a number of times. Hitman 3 is currently epic games exclusive and will also debut with Steam soon.
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It was more of a disappointing mixed bag for me. The biggest disappointments were 1, being very short on content, and 2, inconsistent placement of useful items.

1. It's not that it only has 6 missions, it's that two of them don't have ANY Mission Stories, and the 4 that do only have 3 each (for me anyway due to the bonus one in Mendoza not unlocking). Worse yet, Apex Predator and Untouchable are also quick, easy missions, the latter being far too linear and repetitious.

2. Fuse cells, OMG the fuse cells. In some missions they throw them at you at every turn, and aren't very useful, in others, like End of an Era's Impulse Control, you can easily spend over a half hour searching in vain for the one cell you need.

That said, I did enjoy End of an Era's All Seeing Eyes, Death in the Family's Means, Motive, and Opportunity. I WAS also enjoying The Tour mission story in The Farewell until the point where I could not get the bonus Mission Story to trigger. I was also pretty close to the conversation that is supposed to trigger it, but nothing.

I'm a bit biased here because I really don't like the style they went to of having half as many missions, but expecting you to replay them different ways to get your content. That said, Hitman 3 is far shorter on content than the two titles that precede it, and it feels like they decided COVID was a good enough excuse. I'd rather have waited for a more fleshed out game post vaccine. Hitman Absolution remains my favorite Hitman of all time, and I really hope they consider going back to a full game concept vs these ones that feel like short ways-to-kill demos.

I really don't like all the downsizing we're seeing, even with Doom they decided to go with a rushed two part half length set of DLCs to end the story arc, vs a full fleshed out title in four years (like Eternal took). I'd have MUCH preferred the latter. It's bad enough that the PC platform is not getting many top tier games anymore, but rushing out half baked, short titles is not the answer.
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