Hi, I am Keenu, just starting on this Forum regarding latest games and stuff.

Hey Keenu, welcome to the forum.

I've only created four quite poorly performing threads in my time here so I'm no expert, but I know that the threads I revisit the most are the ones that invite discussion rather than simply asking you to list a single game based on a set criteria. Those threads do well, for sure, but the ones that last a long time end up being a running thread of single sentence posts that no one except the poster reads. I also like it when the OP sticks around for at least a while and stays involved with the discourse.

Looking forward to your first thread.
Any tips on how to get started with posting threads?
Welcome to the forum :)

You've already posted this thread, so you got the mechanics out of the way, good stuff. Mazer summed up the basic idea nicely, so in addition:

♣ Post, quote or link only in/to English—all other languages get deleted.
♦ Don't post links early on, only trusted members' posts with links survive.
♥ This is a discussion forum, not a chat app, so one-liner or low quality posts will often get removed, for the benefit of future readers.
♠ Pick the right forum for your thread—eg I'm moving this one from Game Industry News to the Forum Features and Feedback forum.
→ I strongly recommend you reply to some existing threads before starting your own.

a running thread of single sentence posts that no one except the poster reads
Their purpose is to introduce new members to posting, to show the mechanics are easy. Good news! The mods also read those threads, a lot of the spam which squeezes thru to public view ends up in them.
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