Hey PCG, revive the Walk of Game!

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Yow! That could be a huge list.

  • Ultima
  • Doom
  • Baldur's Gate
  • Tomb Raider
  • Wizardry
  • X (hey, it's MY list!)
  • Mass Effect
  • Command & Conquer
  • Zork
  • Tropico (others would put Sim City)
  • That one game about enslaving small, semi-sentient creatures and making them fight each other...? Oh yeah, Pokemon.
  • Civilization
  • Master of Orion
  • XCom
  • Commander Shephard
  • Minsc
  • HK-47
  • Goro Majima (not just a fun character, but also known for popping out of manholes, so you could make his "star" look like a manhole in the street)
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  • Jeeez, a lot more. I want to go play my games before the holiday ends!
Voice actors would fit, too.