help with my older card or new machine?

Jun 26, 2020
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hey all im new to the forum and im awful at upgrades on pc so im looking for some good advice. I have an Alienware Area 51 R2

i7-5930k @3/50ghz
16gb ram at 2133mhz
128gssd....2tb 7200 storage
1500w power supply
dual nvidia 980ti in sli

yes its almost 4 years old and it dawned on me when Doom eternal kicked my ass lol. so my question..
would a video card upgrade help significantly?
looks like a 2070 would be max video card without a bottleneck? that true?
would it be better to just get a new build? i know new nvidias are around the corner and i could wait
could i upgrade to a better cpu and videocard with my existing system? ive never done that to a prebuilt tower but i love my tower and if i could keep it and just upgrade cpu and gpu id love to keep it
Again im not good at making these decisions and need an experts device...i play vr occasionally and would like to get upgrade to valve index at some point. just want to know what road i should go down. gpu upgrade? cpu and gpu upgrade? new pc


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