Help with ASUS Zephryus G15 3070ti 8gb / AMD Ryzen 9 6900HS / 16gb RAM

Dec 9, 2022
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Hi guys, recently purchased this beast and seems to be fine except the ethernet port doesn't work so had to purchase a usb-c to ethernet cable which works fine (annoying but not a major issue) - anyway, WZ2 on low all the way to ultra runs super poorly, my laptop was about 104% on PC Benchmark or something but can only hit about 70 frames on minimum graphics on WZ2 at 1080p on an external monitor with lots of stuttering - everything I view tells me I should be able to get 120fps-140fps on high at 1080p. So what could be the issue?


This is with the MUX switch disabled (on ultimate) and turbo fans.

Also here is my latest benchmark - Don't know why I said 104% in original post but everything is running lower than the last benchmark + you can see the same model of the laptop is getting about 10% better in each category in the comparisons

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Your gpu score is about normal, almost everyone gets told by that page to overclock card
Your WD ssd is a bit low, try running some tests on it with -
Ram - check it is running in XMP, look in bios and turn it on
you would be better off with 2 sticks, Ryzen CPU give way better results with 2 sticks.
looking at history, your results the day before were way better. Drive was still scoring low - i find scores there vary, can depend on background activity
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