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Aug 17, 2020
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hello, so i have a logitech g433 headset that has a splitter (came with the headphones) so i can have a mic and headphone output. I need to connect it to my lenovo c330 chromebook since my pc doest have a webcam. it only has one headphone jack so i took a headphone jack to usb converter that came with the headphones to try and connect it to my chromebook with the mic cable in the chromebook. my headphones worked but not the mic. the mic and the headphones worked on my pc. Also, the mic didnt work at all on the chromebook do you know a cable that would solve this problem. is it a problem with my chromebook? thanks. feel free to ask me to clarify. Thanks!


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Jan 17, 2020
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Hey MrManhallo,

Lets try a few things to see where the issue is. First I would try without the splitter at all. The splitter it comes with assumes you have a PC that requires a different port for microphone and audio, but the chromebook is actually more or less a tablet with a built in keyboard as far as functionality goes. The 3.5mm audio jack should accept your microphone and speakers in a single connection.


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