Has anyone read/heard of/played the book called "Maze"?

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This book came out in 1985. Each set of pages has a picture and some text. In each picture (unless you've come to a dead end) is at least 2 labeled doors. You have to try to find clues in the picture and the text to decide what door to go through.

Unfortunately, none of the pictures I found online included the cryptic texts that were presented with each page, but here's a couple of photos of the pictures:



The point of the game was to use the clues to find your way to the center of the maze and back out again. It was extraordinarily difficult (to really get the clues you need to have a lot of knowledge about other things like philosophy and literature) and there are lots of write-ups on this online with various people analyzing each picture, etc.

Just curious if anyone else on here had the book (or just heard of it). They actually made a PC game out of it in 1994. It was by Interplay, but I never even knew the game existed until a few minutes ago when I was looking up the book. I can't even begin to tell you how much time I spent looking at these pictures.
After more research, the game was for Mac and isn't available anymore. Found this out while checking for it on GoG. The name of the game was The Riddle of the Maze.

I don't remember knowing this at the time, but there was a $10,000 contest for figuring out the riddle of the book. I actually found my way through the book (eventually), but had no idea about the riddle. Apparently the publisher paid out to a few people who found their way through the maze, but said that no one had solved the riddle.

Edit: I found the book which has been put online at http://www.intotheabyss.net/ So if you are curious to see if you can solve the riddle or find your way out, you can go there and give it a try.
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