Question Hard Disk Performing slow

Jan 14, 2023
My laptop is Performing very slow anytime am playing game. Someone help me what is the problem?


When posting threads, please make sure you've included as much information as possible when seeking troublehsooting advice. The depth of your information will in turn inform the community that you're trying to resolve the issue at hand.

Please mention the make and model of your laptop and it's SKU, it's BIOS version and the OS you're working with. If you're working with an HDD alone, please state how many partitions you've got on your lone HDD.
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What games are running slow and does your laptop meet the games minimum spec .
type can i run game ( name ) into your browser to check if the troublesome game should work on your machine , some spec checkers have a little program you can run to see if you meet the minimum requirements.
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