Happy New Year


(in advance), it's just 8PM down here but I might get to bed early :p although the fireworks have already begun going off outside...perhaps practice shots before the madness.

May we all get a high end discrete GPU courtesy of AMD and Nvidia for being such good people on the www. May we all get back to normalcy prior to this apocalypse and not a new normal. May we all be in the company of the best of individuals! lastly...may we all be free of fork-knife spammers, here!

@COLGeek ; amen, amen, amen!!!!!


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NZ is a myth!
I think it's from Air Warrior. That game had A Land vs. B Land vs. C Land. I expect, after I left the game, they added D Land, E Land, all the way up to Z Land. Then they did an HD version and we got New A Land all the way up to New Z Land. Somebody did a video, Russian news thought it was real footage, and New Zealand was born.

(See, you can get these sorts of stunning insights when you get plenty of sleep!)


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Plenty cold here, finally! 4 degrees F this morning. Got an inch or two of snow, so it even looks like winter. (Should be good for finishing off lots of insects, too.)

On the minus side, sweaters mean I get zapped every time I sit down. My 'desk' has some metal on the side that I touch so I don't electrocute my keyboard/mouse, but it still makes the monitor switch off for a half second!