Half Life + Blade Runner + Cat = Stray

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For a ten hour game? Bah. I'll wait for a sale. (Honestly, I would wait anyway for more bug fixes.)
Well, I'll put it like this. When Tomb Raider 2013 came out, it was one of the top AAA games. "They" say that if you're only focused on the main story, it only takes 11.5 hours to beat the game. I played the game and loved it. It usually takes me way longer than what "They" say. I think it took me 20 hours to beat it.

I only buy games for single player, and I never make use of the multiplayer modes that most people think makes games worth the price.

To beat the campaign:
Halo Infinite - 11 hours
Halo Reach - 8 hours
Portal 2 - 8.5 hours
Uncharted 4 - 15 hours
Arkham Knight - 16.5 hours

The sad truth is, most non-open world games are not very long.

Edit: I don't blame you for waiting for a sale. BTW it's on sale on Steam right now for $26.99! :D
Yeah, I'm regularly doubling the average play time that shows up on HowLongToBeat but.... wait a minute. 16.5hrs for Arkham Knight?? Sheesh, that's what HowLongToBeat is saying. I think a lot of people outright skip the story. There's a YT video showing all the cutscenes together that lasts 4.5hrs alone.
4.5 hours of cutscenes? That's nuts! The only thing that beats that is probably Quantum Break with its 20 minute episodes.
My first reaction when I saw this game's description was kind of meh, but I do like cats and have had a few. It would be cool though if you could pick from at least half a dozen common species of cats and select eye color and maybe even general markings to make it look more like your favorite cat. After further looking at it though, they seem to make good use of puzzles, and the graphics are decent. It sort of reminds me of G-Force and Wall-E, two games that were far better than I expected.



One of the things I liked about G-Force was the voice acting was good, and one of my favorite actors, Sam Rockwell, played the main character. I may have to go back and play these games again on 4K DSR this time.
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You missed the announcement of the sequel 'Tabby Come Home'?
Is this a joke? I ask because you typically indicate so with an emoticon. If not, why on Earth would they call it Tabby Come Home if you can pick the look of a species other than Tabby? Well, technically it's not a breed but a coat type. I was suggesting the species option mainly for the look though.

At any rate I can't believe I'm now feeling stuck on this game. Can't find a way to get up the elevator, and I'm not even sure where it is. And I'm now stuck with just one energy drink, so I can't buy the vendor's artifact either.

Well I'm now far beyond that point where I felt stuck. I'm now on the level "Jail", but ironically I feel free. I must say, for a short game, it has more to it than I thought it would. It doesn't seem to work with DSR though, and since raising the resolution percentage tanks performance a bit, I opted to set desktop res to 2160p. It stays rock solid at 60 FPS pretty much, but I got a brief moment of lag just before grabbing the atomic battery. I have to say though, for an Unreal Engine 4 game, it plays pretty smoothly for the most part.
It's certainly not a complete CATastrophe.
It may not CATapult Blue Twelve to AAA status, but it could act as a CATalyst. :hearteyecat:
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Well, just finished the game. My only nit pick is the ending is slightly disappointing.
Would have rather seen him find his 3 cat friends he started out with.
However if it's an indication there will be a sequel, I'm OK with it. I can just see the sequel now. It will be an escape from a future version of alCATraz, where it is now controlled by drones. :screamcat:
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