Half Life + Blade Runner + Cat = Stray

Watch the couple of short videos about this 2022 game and see if you can avoid wishlisting it.

It's from Annapurna Interactive—among others, What Remains of Edith Finch & The Outer Wilds—and totally captivated me.

Looks like a wonderfully interesting city to explore. Also, they must have a lot of patience, cause you know a cat had to be hooked up to mo-cap stuff and expected to do things. They must have had a little mo-cap suit made for the action star. As someone who's had cats (but not currently), that would be interesting to see. Every animal I've ever had has considered wearing anything as being a form of torture. But they did a great job with it. Those cat animations are amazing.

OsaX Nymloth

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Saw the trailer and yup, I am interested - like the idea of being a cat doing more or less cat things. If they deliver with interesting world as well, we may have a little gem on our hands. Time will tell, for now Stray surely lands on my list of games potentially worth expecting.

Also, the first scenes with cat limping around made me sad. I wouldn't as much as blink seeing human getting mauled, but kitty with a limp? WHO IS THE BASTARD WHO DID THIS TO YOU, OH SWEET INNOCENCE, I SHALL AVENGE YOU.
Aug 10, 2021
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im glad you guys have mentioned stray, i play a lot of animal simulators and im always looking for decent cat sims,it comes up a lot in the algorithms not surprising.

i am just praying to the gaming gods that my entry level gaming laptop will run stray,otherwise ill have to pretend my place is stray IRL-ive got enough tom cats to act the part.
its more the processor that seems to be the problem with games,my 8 core ryzen 7 4000 series CPU runs at 2.60GHz, but a lot of minimum spec and recomended spec are for 3+GHz or wildly over that-more like overclocking teritory.

'away' is another promising looking simulation coming up,you play a sugar glider in that one.
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Looks really promising and original, but I have some fears whether it was a good idea to make your main character a cat. :) I mean, we don't see such a thing quite often and that's an advantage, but it makes me wonder if the gameplay will be interesting enough. Anyway the developers have my attention. :)
it makes me wonder if the gameplay will be interesting enough
Looked to me like it'll be mainly centered on environmental puzzles, which could be fun being able to jump 10 times your height, squeeze thru narrow spaces, etc.
Also looked like some action thrown, zapping the hordes of rodents chasing you—hope that doesn't end up like a zombie shooter.

Maybe a serious version of Untitled Goose Game meshed with survival action. Should they have called it Escape From Ratov?
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Huh, how about that! Then again…
"That doesn't necessarily mean that Stray has been wishlisted more than The Day Before, or any other game on the list—many of which actually have thousands more followers(opens in new tab) than Stray. The list is sorted by "relevance," and according to Simon Carless of the GameDiscoveryCo newsletter(opens in new tab), that means there's a touch of the ol' Steam algorithmic magic at work too."

We are so lucky to have algos to tell us what we should know, rather than merely plain ol' what is. That said, nice to see a probably bot-boosted wishlist topper toppled… <-- for extra credit, try saying that 5 times quickly.