Half-Life 2 to get significant update

Looks like this is expected to launch before the end of the year. Will it make you play it again, or for the first time?

I played the original in the 00s, and it was truly groundbreaking. There were a number of incredible mission locations which were quite varied, some dripping in atmosphere—I can still remember the Ravenholm mission to this day.

I love HL2 & the 2 episodes, and I still replay them from time to time; and the pending update by Valve brings to mind that I haven't played HL2 for a long while, so I'll more than likely play it again. I don't play many shooters, but there's just something about the story, the characters, the pacing and the tension that I really love.

I also want to try Black Mesa, preferably before replaying HL2. I've been waiting on that one as Crowbar Collective has a huge patch in the works that will break saves once applied, and they've warned players about it, so I'm holding off until that's complete.