gtx 1080 do i have a problem or not

First let me say you might find this question on another forum but nobody answered me.

Ok so to i blew the dust from inside my pc with a can of air and during this i noticed that the 2 fans on the card were not working , they do however spin for a few seconds at boot up and shut down , so i can rule out faulty connections.
I did a bit of googling and found a posting saying some fans are not supposed to work on cards till they get to a certain temperature , i never knew this !

To put this to the test i launched horizon zero dawn and kept its built in bench tester running , i put the task manager over the game and at around 70 degrees the fans started and so i left the task manager up for about 10 mins and the temp never went above 76.

So i guess my question is this have i just discovered something i did not know about graphics cards or do i have a problem.

Forgot to mention , pc running doing nothing the card temp is a constant 38
Assumes he knows what other forum is, surprised no one answered there... did Dragor answer it? I assumed it was about fans

That is normal, a lot of GPU don't run fans until Temps go over a certain temperature. Some people use MSI Afterburner to reduce the temp or set a custom fan curve.

I don't think the fans on my RTX 2070 Super start until 70C, I don't know as GPU hardly up there. I never hear the GPU fans running otherwise. MIne idles up to 50 most days but hardly goes above that. Even in summer.

It is possible fans spin up around 54 as mine were on today but I didn't hear them, mine never goes past 55 unless I game on it.
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Echoing the thoughts of all the other answers you've had, I've got a GTX 1070 and the fans don't really begin until temperatures are above the high 60s. And yeah, 38 degrees is absolutely fine for idle. Don't worry about it. ^^


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