Question GTA V stuttering problem

Oct 7, 2023
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Im facing with a problem about my pc, stuttering in GTA V online/rage mp/ fivem
All the settings are on low, resolution 1440x1080, above 60-70 fps constantly but with stuttering.\

What should i do?
PC specs: I5 gen 3 3470 3.2ghz
GTX 950 2GB
8GB ram 1330mhz (2 different sticks)
1tb ssd lexar
Unfortunately in that case I would have to say that its probably mostly because the hardware you are using is older, and thats the kind of performance you get with it. 4 core CPU, 8GB RAM and a 2GB Graphics card are all on the low end for playing GTA5 online. Offline you might have a better experience, but online multiplayer is much more demanding.

You can optimize your setup as much as possible,

- Close down any unneccessary tasks in task manager and in the system tray
- Update drivers, chipset GPU and BIOS to latest version

It can also be the RAM sticks arent playing well together if they arent both from the same kit. picking up a 16GB DDR3 1600mhz kit might help a little if its an option.
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Jan 21, 2024
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Methods to Fix GTA V Stuttering Issue
Launch GTA 5 as administrator
Disable fullscreen optimization
Close unnecessary processes running in the background
Configure GTA 5 game settings
Enlarge the drive where GTA 5 is install
Update graphics driver to
Upgrade the original HDD to SSD.