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Sep 23, 2020
So I was going to order a 3080 to upgrade my current rig with 16gb of ram and 3600 Ryzen rig. My 1070 is getting a bit slow for 1440p now.

But due to being unable to nab one my friend offered me his 2080 ti. He said this should be more than enough for 1440p for the next few years. And is only wanting £450 for it.

Would this be worth it, or should I wait for the 3080 to come back into stock?
Feb 17, 2020
If Nvidia's claim of RTX 3070 performance being in the ballpark of 2080 ti performance is to be believed, then you could buy a 3070 for only £470, which would be new and would have a warranty.

I would politely decline the 2080 ti given the pricing of new alternatives
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