Graphics card & Motherboard compatibility

Jun 15, 2021
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I got lucky and managed to get my hands on an EVGA rtx 3060 and am pairing it with an Asus prime b550m-a WiFi motherboard, however even though pc part picker says they're compatible whenever I put the GPU in it is really shaky and there are some bits
on the bottom that stick out, pls send help sos

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Hi and welcome.

Not entirely sure what you mean by bits are sticking out? Hopefully you havent tried to force anything.

You should be able to gently lower the card into the slot until it slides in then apply a small amount of pressure so that the plastic retaining clip on the motherboard clicks in. You should then be able, depending on your case to screw in the retaining screw on the back of the card (where the display ports are) so that it stays in place.

The PCI-E x16 slots on the motherboard you insert the graphics card into are universal, and have had the exact same form on Intel and AMD based motherboards for many years over many different chipsets. They are the only slots on the board the card will fit into.