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As much as i disagree with most of Morgan Parks takes, i 100% agree with him here on the leaks because they, in fact are boring, add nothing of value and its just a waste of time considering its not even done.

I do however not feel sorry for Rockstar's leak in terms of what has been exposed about the company over the recent years, its not as terrible to me as Blizzard is in that sense but they arent a good one either.
Apr 26, 2021
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I've honestly not watched a single bit of the leaked content. I know how it is to look at early-development stuff, it is ugly and not remotely adds/takes value. I have however looked at the responses to the leak with curiosity. With how people started to weirdly nitpick it as if it was a complete game and scream fouls at obvious placeholders and whatnot.

It is very weird, but i think i got a theory in how this view became prevalent. Namely Early Access culture.

Just look at how numerous ea titles are released these days. Often being mostly incomplete not in general, but mostly Content and Balancing. The systems are often already there, set and maybe even polished, placeholders are mostly avoided and so on for the game to be presentable. Its just that the games often stop you from going further than a set point that won't be released till later or 1.0 or something.

I think that has twisted common perception of what "In-development" means to quite a few people...
Yep, good theory :)

I'll add in the ProCom and PerpO culture which has become very vocal on social media. Professional Complainers and the Perpetually Offended seem to have joined forces and select a 'dogpile of the day' to amuse themselves with.

Mix that with Early Access, and boom…

Professional complainers don't do this for amusement, it's artificial outrage to draw clicks. They truly are professionals, they've made a job out of making people mad and getting them to care about their opinions so they can make money off of it.
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Any videos of said leaks will be removed.

Already done one of them.

, it's artificial outrage to draw clicks.
But thats how a lot of websites survive now. If they don't make you angry, you might just ignore them.
Its also how certain Movie studios seem to promote their products now. Saying people don't like it because of X seeems to be only way they know to get attention now, and it isn't working.
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