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Aug 17, 2022
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my pc has ryzen 7 2700x with rtx3060(ibought it recently this month a week ago), i have been playing spider man pc for 3 days keeping it in high graphics ,today i faced increased temperature and fan speed compared to last two days and even had few frame drops ,ialso get some type of burning smell even when iam not gaming,
i hvae upgraded my gpu from rtx 2080 to rtx 3060 since my old one was heating up unmanagable heat and my monitor was turning off and was not at all able to use it for basic editing as well and gta 5 couldnt run even at the lowest graphics setting
Welcome to the forum :)

We need more info to help you. Please follow these instructions:

Of particular interest are:
Exact make & model of your Power Supply;
Case & cooling parts;

Graphics card;
Monitor model & Hz;
Resolution you're running at;
What graphic settings level have you enabled?

Are all drivers & BIOS up to date?

Sounds like your case and cooling are the problem, but we'll see when we know what you've got.
Aug 17, 2022
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Custom built

Corsair CX650 psu 80 plus bronze
asus x470 prime mother board
ryzen 7 2700x
coolermaster AIO cooler ML240L ,radiator mounted to the front of the case as inlet
corsair 16gb 3000mhz vengence ram single stick
samsung evo 960 m.2 ssd 512 gb
seagate baracuda 4tb hdd
cooler master MB500 pc case with stock case fans
RTX 3060 GPU-upgraded from previous RTX 2080
lg ultrawide 25UM58 25 inch monitor 60hz ,2560x1080

spiderman remastered pc i was playing with high graphics for the first 2 days which had the gpu fans running at 1700-1800 rpm,and gpu temps were between 68-75

but yesterday fans were running at 2000rpm to 2300rpm and gpu temps were rising upto 81 degrees(celcius)
with the same settings as before.

all the bios and drivers are up to date
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