Question Good GPU, bad FPS - help!

May 31, 2021
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Hello guys, I'm having an issue with my PC. My FPS is lower then I expect. When I play e.g. Valorant the FPS on highest settings is avarege 80-90. When I set it to lowest, it's about 90-100 (so it's not a big diffrence). I have same situation in other games. Do you have an idea why I have this issue?

My spec:

GPU: GTX 1070
CPU: Intel i7-4790


Memory: SSD 512GB, HDD 2000GB, HDD 500GB

3 monitors: Gigabyte 1440p (main), Samsung 1080p and ASUS 768p (I thought that 3 monitors are the reason of this issue, but when I unplugged nothing changed with FPS).

Sometimes I see guys on YT with 140fps on 2k monitors with a worse GPU. This is why I'm asking about it.
I think if you want significantly improved FPS you're going to need a new CPU, motherboard and RAM

My suggestion is to try upgrading to RAM 32 DDR4 first

Its an I7 4790, which is going to be using DDR3 and therefore incompatible with DDR4.


I believe that's the case unfortunately.

Its worth checking your operating temperatures on CPU and GPU, giving everything a dust out if it needs it and making sure drivers are up to date. But I dont think it will make much difference from what you describe.