Good couch co-op games?

We haven't had much time to play at all lately, but my wife and I are about to finish up It Takes Two, probably next time we get to play. So I'm looking for good ideas for co-op games that can be played on the same screen. I'm finishing up It Takes Two and AC: Odyssey on my Xbox, but anything after that will be on PC. But the thing is, my PC will be run through our living room TV, so I'm looking for co-op games where you're either both playing on the same screen, or you can play split screen.

A few games I'm interested in checking out are Portal 2 co-op, Trine 2 co-op, and Unraveled 2. Do you guys have any other good suggestions? I wish I could play Sea of Thieves, but they don't have a split-screen mode.
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First, you need to take care of Portal 2.

A Way Out, made by the same people who made It Takes Two, was pretty fun. It's not light-hearted like It Takes Two, but it's fun to work together to solve problems, escape from prison, etc.

Trine 2 is a lot of fun if you like platformers (the platforming isn't overly demanding--similar to It Takes Two)

I haven't played it, but I've seen a lot of people recommend Overcooked.

Here is the "Cozy Couch Bundle" that includes 5 very well-regarded games.

Here is a Steam curator who specializes in local co-op.

Here is Steam's seemingly never ending list of couch co-op games sorted by user ratings from best to worst.
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Yes, Overcooked 1 & 2 are wonderful. If you’re ok with quick-time-events and passing the controller back and forth (it assigns character turns per player) The Dark Pictures games are fun and spooky. For more of a challange, Cuphead?
The Dark Pictures games are awesome if you are into Horror. They are also weirdly challenging, at least for me.
First, you need to take care of Portal 2.


After that, I can recommend Stardew Valley.

If you've been claiming the Epic freebies, there's a bunch of split-screen games you can try out:
- Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!
- Unrailed!
- For The King
- Overcooked! 2
- Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Those are the ones I've found with a quick scroll through all the free Epic games released, there's probably a couple more.

It might also be worth it to take a look at Nucleus Co-op, which allows you to play games split screen which can normally only be played over LAN.
Thanks, guys. Lots to think about.

I have been checking out A Way Out. It looks pretty good. Not sure if my wife will get into it, but if she does, it looks fun. I've played Trine 2 in single player, and I love the game. I think it would probably be really good in co-op. I've also been looking at the Overcooked games. They're definitely not my type of game, but they definitely are my wife's style. So I may have to humble myself and play them with me.

A lot of these games, I either already have, or I can play them on Game Pass Ultimate, including A Way Out. I've also seen Human: Fall Flat, which looks interesting. Has anyone tried that game out?