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Feb 13, 2021
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Hey, i am looking to get a gaming pc. im new to the pc industry and i was wondering can anyone tell me if these will specs will be able to run games like GTA 5, Assetto corsa, ETS2 smoothly with no lag?

Super-Fast 3.5GHz Dual-Core AMD Athlon 3000G Processor + 240GB Solid State Drive + 1TB Hard Drive + 16GB of 3000MHz DDR4 RAM / Memory + AMD Radeon Vega 3 Integrated Graphics + MSI AMD AM4 A320M-A PRO Motherboard
Hi and welcome. The defininition of smoothly with no lag is different from person to person. :)

I dont have any direct experience with that processor but I have found some gameplay videos on Youtube that seem to show it will play the games you want it to at 720p/HD. 1080p/ FHD might be a struggle for it, but with low settings in some games it might just do O.K.

The games you mention though should run O.K from what I can see at least at 720p. Some of the latest AAA games like Cyberpunk would give it trouble though and potentially other new games going forwards.

Hopefully someone with first hand experience will come across this thread and be able to offer you better insight than me.
I would personally not recommend using that processor with integrated graphics for the games you want to play. For a gaming PC most people will use a separate graphics card.

Some of the most recent CPU's and GPU's are expensive and out of stock but some of the older ones have come down in price and will make decent gaming PC's.

What is your budget?
Do you already have a monitor and what resolution and refresh rate is it?
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