Games with developers' audio commentary

Been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut and it has been very interesting to learn about the development of the game. The developers did a great job of giving players tons of information as to why something was cut from the game, why they added a particular item, and how they built a level/scene. Most interesting and also sad was to hear about how some huge areas were completely cut from the final product and how they had to rebuild different areas from scratch several times because they just didn't have resources enough. You get to understand the complexity of developing a game and just how much love actually goes into it.

Have you had a game with developer commentary you really liked listening to?
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i've never had that much interest for each piece of commentary
It's just the Mom-look-at-me culture in the luvvie industries—if you've been around a 4-5yo kid for more than a minute, you know the thing :D

This kind of thing is made for videos or podcasts or webpages or some medium where those interested can go and consume it—which is what almost every other human activity sector on earth does. Don't make the game files bigger.

There's an indie guy on YT whose dev experiences I found interesting to listen to a few years ago—made "A good snowman is hard to build" if I recall correctly.
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