Question Games Crashing/Restarting all of a sudden?


I was trying to play Rainbow Six Siege and it kept crashing (and I'm only in the training with the AI)

Sometimes it's fine for a while then it either crashes to the Desktop... or worse - now it mostly crashes the whole PC and it restarts?

And now, I just got the same restart crash with America's Army for the first time - not a coincidence? I've never had this problem with any game before on this new system until the last couple days?

Wondering what is going on?

I have a brand new system, Windows 11 is all up to date, I've even confirmed I have the latest NVIDIA Game Ready Driver.

I'm at a loss? Any ideas?

Thank you for your time
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I can find other people crashing on that game in windows 11.

Its not your PC, its the game.

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