Games Coming to Steam from 5/26/24 to 5/30/24

For June, I'm just going to make one thread and add to it each week.

I was more selective this week. These are the games that look interesting to me.

AAA games or AAA publishers:​

Codemasters usually does a great job with these. Better hope they continue to do a great job now that EA owns them. There aren't enough good racing games these days already.

Superheroes meet XCOM. Wait, didn't we just do this?

2D metroidvania from developer Evil Empire by way of Ubisoft.


Another survival game like Medieval Dynasty where you are building a tribe.

Playway almost went a week without releasing a game. Thank the gods they were able to rebound.


Old, old school

Bullet Tossers​

Shoot Boomers

Survival horror zombies in an open world. Probably terrible.

Odds and Odders​

It's like Mario Kart meets Bloodborne

A cute looking god game.

This one's going straight to @Brian Boru 's wishlist. Muscular furries!