Question Games closing on pc unexpectedly

Apr 24, 2024
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Up until 2 days ago my of has been running with no issues a little laggy but other than than it’s been smooth. Just chopped the lag up to bad internet as I’ve been having internet issues. Well two days ago I went to load call of duty, I got into a game and as soon a so loaded in it closed on me. Like the entire game. It done this 3 more times before I tried a different game. Then I tried playing fallout, and fallout would get to the start screen and it would close as well. Or it would close before even getting to the start screen. I’ve looked around and some have said to check my processors are up to date. Which I have checked and they are. I then checked my ram to make sure my ram isn’t over loaded and running fine and it is. So I tried to open my command prompt to run a scan, and I cut just done the same thing as the games which is would just flash and close itself. Any suggestions?
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Any suggestions?

We need more info to help you. Please follow these instructions:

Of particular interest are:
Exact make & model of your Power Supply;
Case & cooling parts;

Graphics card;
Monitor model & Hz;
Resolution you're running at;
What graphic settings level have you enabled?

Are all drivers & BIOS up to date?


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