Games Bugs Do Strange Things

I know that crashes and just been unable to run a game depends on the spec of your pc but bugs you find and read about seem to be a bit of a mystery to me.

I read posts of players saying bug xyz is very annoying and i think .... never seen that , but i also talk about bugs and others say ... never seen that.

A few examples....

CRYSTAL RIFT .... yes it was 2016 but the reason i mention it is because i helped the indie guy with the bugs i found mostly , wrong coloured crystals in different places meant you could not open the doors to the next level , i found a bug at the very end and it got fixed , i did a complete run through to the end and got all 22 idols and sent a screen shot to the dev of the bonus to prove i did it. Despite me saying on the steam discussions page that it was bug free a lot of players say it could not be done and you could not get all the idols.

BlACKSAD .... i got this when it was first released i completed it without a problem , 3 years later players are still reporting bugs that make it unplayable ????

SATISFACTORY ... players on the same build as me report bugs i have never experienced but then i also talk about bugs that others dont come across.

Anything like this happen to you ???
given how many combo of parts make up PC today, its possible the bugs are platform specific or only happen on specific combinations of equipment. Could be you need a different GPU or CPU or anything really.

Same thing happens with windows on a daily basis. Some people crash, others have no problems. People with exact same parts can have different problems. No 2 PC are really the same.
Bugs are very finicky. Like said above, it depends on your specific hardware configuration and what components you use, but can also be triggered by very specific parameters in the game. Many people can do a quest without bugs, but that one player who did something specifically different than the rest may trigger a rare bug.

For example, there’s a YouTuber I enjoy watching called Mrsaintsgodzilla21 who’s main type of content is Saints Row related videos and does a ton of rare glitches and bugs videos, mostly in SR games. He usually shows you how to activate these glitches or bugs, and they typically involve doing very specific things. Granted, he is actually hunting out the bugs, so they involve doing weird things deliberately that most players probably wouldn’t normally do. All of this is to say that bugs can be very rare and there are players unlucky enough to trigger them on accident when majority of players will never experience them. That just makes them all the harder to find when the devs are testing their game.
I've had an ongoing bug with Far Cry 6 which I've mentioned here before. It's quite weird, and I haven't seen anyone else complaining about it—if it ever gets too annoying I'll uninstall and redownload.

Sometimes when I press certain keys, the game minimizes to Taskbar—so not a crash to desktop, a simple click on icon in Taskbar restores it and all's well… never lost any progress, only hassle is if in middle of firefight it can prove costly.

Weird bit is the affected keys have changed over time. My first FC6 playthru, the F key—used for melee attack—would glitch maybe half the time. Since then, nothing. Not certain about 2nd playthru, but current 3rd one, not a single glitch from F.

S key is worse this time around, so quickly reversing out of trouble will trigger it after a few S presses. A long S hold—eg a sustained reverse movement or descending a ladder—doesn't trigger it, only repeated presses in quick succession.

But my general experience is 99% the opposite—people complaining about bugs which I don't experience.


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