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Apr 14, 2022
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I am going to buy a gaming laptop and I had a question.
When I am recording my gameplay at 120 fps and sharing it with a friend, will he see the recording in 120 fps regardless of whether me having a 120-hertz display or not? Pls, explain me.

Any help would be appreciated :)

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It will record at whatever you tell it to record at. You can tell it to record at 120 frames a second while the game is locked at 60 frames per second if you want, but the second frame will be exactly like the first, the fourth will be exactly like the third, and so on. The recordings I've made aren't at a fixed rate, though, they just record whatever frame is drawn.

I don't think your monitor's frame rate matters unless you are recording by pointing a camera at the monitor.

If the recording is at 120 frames a second and your friend has a 60Hz monitor, then the recording will play 120 frames a second, but your friend will only see half of them. If it's the variable playback rate, it will draw what it can. If it's a variable monitor rate (e.g. gsync) then... I'm not real sure what happens then.

Basically, it depends a lot on what recording software is used to record and play back. If the video gets uploaded to YouTube or some such, that can change it even more.

(If we're just talking playback, though, it likely doesn't matter much. 30 frames per second should be fine, never mind 60.)
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