Gambling addiction is worse than cyber psychosis!

Feb 8, 2021
Good evening, Night City! I always wanted to use this saying somewhere. I am 30 years old, married; I also love playing Cyberpunk 2077, This is my main and favorite hobby. I get home from work and start hitting the tiger claws gang with Saburo Arasaka's katana. The day when my RTX 2080 stopped working for some reason, and my wife and children left for the countryside, I found myself in a standard situation when a person had nothing to do, I couldn't think of anything smarter than sticking into slot machines on my phone. I received my first dose that day, the demo account turned out to be not very interesting, and I immediately made my first deposit of $ 10. In a month, the number of my deposits started to get higher even per night the deposit could reach up to 150$, by this way I was able to drain up to 4000$ that month! After wasting all the possible cash and having no more to deposit the addiction crisis started to be chronic, my wife stopped me the moment I was going to sell our appliances, Our TV, and our Iron! Everything went upside down; she went mad and said that we have to get divorced packing her bag and dragging the kids leaving the house; I begged them to stay. And later, we calmed down and talked, and decided to withdraw the money back and forget this situation forever, but it was not that easy. It turned out to be impossible to withdraw any cent. The first thing you have then to do to withdraw your money is to fill in the withdrawal application and as in all other respectful places and sites, you would have to wait for few hours or maximum up to the next day to receive your funds. Few days have passed already and we got no cash and no answer to our request, we contacted the customer services where they claimed that everything is ok and it is only a matter of few days to get the cash. Again three days have passed passively, we again chatted with one of the representatives who said that we were supposed to send a package of documents for verification, we did not know about that but anyways we have sent everything required and waited again. A few days later, they informed us that we needed to send the picture of our credit card, we have sent them the pictures needed then they disappeared! Every day we were told that there were many applications and we had to wait. Where can I write an official complaint about this ruby fortune rubbish? Who had the same situation; can you advise what to do in this case? This is not a win, I just want to withdraw my couple of dollars that I did not have time to lose ($ 150 compared to the $ 4,000 lost is an insignificant amount), Help!