Funniest quirk in an RPG.

Sep 25, 2020
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Sometimes the game engine in an RPG has some interesting bug, glitch, or quirk that can be laughed at or exploited. Describe some!

In the excellent game Ultima 7, there was this spell "Vibrate" that you could cast on an NPC to cause them to drop their inventory items. Sounds cool, right? Oh, sure, until you cast it on an animal and they literally drop their meat on the ground and walk away. It was definitely one of those games where some animals had more legs of meat than they had legs. I can't comment on that more than I have to.


I've got a bunch of videos in spoiler boxes that I'm copy/pasting from somewhere else. I know that some aren't RPGs, but they're close enough for my tastes; namely the Terraria one. Eh.

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There is a fight in Divinity: Original Sin 2 where you fight a possessed dwarf. Sounds easy enough, until you take his health down and the demon possesses members of your party. It can be a difficult fight because if the last living member of your party gets possessed, it's supposed to be a game over. Back before the Definitive Edition, the game didn't register it as such, though. My friend got possessed, killed me, and the game didn't end. So he decided to try and use the waypoint to town to see what might happen....

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A bit cheap because it's from beta testing City of Heroes but...

This is also from beta testing but it needs some context. When a certain task against the Rikti aliens was completed, it would trigger an invasion of spaceships flying in and dropping a bunch of angry Rikti onto the streets. Some months later, they added new buildings for us to make custom missions. And, well...
(the weird, sliding around thing isn't a game bug, that was a problem with how I was doing the recording)