Question Fresh OS install but keeps on freszing on bios

Oct 25, 2021
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So my pc had a malware so i had to wipe all my data but when i did a fresh install of the OS it keeps on freezing on the bios screen.

System specs
B450M Mortar titanium
Ryzen 5 3600
2x8gb tforce delta 3200
Rtx 2060 galax OC
M.2 storage team delta 512gb
2x1tb baracuda 7200 rpm HDD

Things ive tried doing
Used single stick during start up
Reset cmos and bios downgrade and upgrade
Installing os on different drives

Honestly i dont know what else to do
Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You forgot to mention the make and model of your PSU. Freezing in the BIOS screen could mean that you have a PSU that's incapable of powering all your devices or that you have an improper BIOS version(necessitating a BIOS update).
Disconnect all drives except your SSD, please state the BIOS version, the slot with which you're populating the SSD and the OS version(if you're on Windows 10). Also, mind sharing where you sourced the installer for the OS?

Which slots are the ram sticks populating on the motherboard?


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