Question FPS Drooping while streaming

Jul 5, 2021
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My specs are

Issue: while I'm streaming my FPS for warzone drop in the first 30mins from 100fps to below 60fps, I close a lot of programs that I don't need open and the stream starts to lagg, even while I'm not streaming the fps is really low, I do play and stream on 1080 low settings to help with the fps but nothing seems to work, I'm wondering if this might be a cpu or gpu bottle neck but I'm not sure I feel like my specs are high enough to stream and play at the same time. Even when I don't stream I play on low fps settings at 1080p and I still can't break 105fps. What can be the problem ??
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Jun 28, 2021
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I heard Warzone has been experiencing optimization issues.

Have you double-tap the Escape key on your keyboard while the game is loaded?

Apparently, the game believes it minimized instead of full-screen and a lot of users say this solution works.

Also, I would turn OFF Game Mode, a feature that windows offer to optimize your PC game-play. A lot of games have had issues with Game Mode and FPS.

Now, if FPS turns normal while NOT streaming then I would recommend you streaming in 720p instead of 1080p

Hope this helps/works for you!
I heard Warzone has been experiencing optimization issues
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