Mar 21, 2022
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First, if this post is in the wrong thread I apologize! I am relatively new to PC gaming (early years I played PC and then spent most of my years on console but am happy to be back behind the keyboard!) With that said, I am struggling with two items I am hoping the community can help out with. I am curious how people organize their files/folders for games. What does your structure look like?

And also, I did not have much space on my PC so my wife got me an external hard drive for my birthday (next is an internal unit) and I was able to copy game files to the external drive but now how do I delete them from my PC to have additional space back on the PC (basically putting games that I rarely play on the external drive) and once the game is deleted from my PC and only on my external drive, how do I go about playing that game?

Thank you, sorry if these questions are a bit basic. Still working on getting my bearings!


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