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Sep 11, 2022
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I'm not interested (yet) in getting a gpu better than the 6600xt, as that'll be plenty for me for now. I was just wondering if you trust them. I found a sapphire pulse 6600xt for a little less elsewhere.
If you want to play it safe, replace the ram kit I sourced(the Mushkin) with any of the ram kits you were looking at here;

Long term use of 1.5v could be detrimental to you build. I missed that part about the voltage being at 1.5. Yes you can run it at that voltage just that you'd need to keep an eye out on your system. Being a newcomer, it's best you play it safe.

+ Thank you for the reminder. Goes to show even we have one of those days.
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You can actually run the rams to's just beyond what JEDEC states is "safe" then comes the matter about the Integrated Memory Controller (IMC)on the CPU, meaning that it's possible that the platform might burn out sooner than later.
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