Finished TV series—who watches?

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There are a few with that title. Do you mean this one?
Yeah, that's the one. It's the currently running series about the life of Jesus. It's based on the gospels, but they took a lot of creative liberty to show plausible background stuff. Most stuff like this is kind of cheesy, but they've done an amazing job. I think it would be a pretty entertaining show, even if you're not a believer. They have 3 seasons out, and they're planning on 7 total, I think.
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I finished Andor. Ummm, what are people so excited about? It's not bad, but it seems fairly average to me. I liked Kenobi's series more than this one, frankly.

I sort of know what you mean. The Kenobi series strikes me of being more traditional Star Wars. It's about a man who sees his life crashing down around him, loses his faith but then we have a "out of darkness cometh light" event. The source is two children. The production values are high, good story, excellent actors, good ending leading in to the 1st Star Wars film (more or less).

Andor is different. This is more about redemption though the back story makes it clear that Andor has had a tough life and probably made a few (?) bad choices in his bid to survive in a totalitarian corrupt regime. Not exactly standard hero material but he is a survivor. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

[Disclaimer - I only saw the 1st 5 episodes of Andor before my subscription ran out.]
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Well, I don't think Andor himself will undergo many chances - he's pretty much the same character we saw in Rogue One. There could be some good stories there but... well... I've got all these games to play. I probably won't bother.

One I thought I went on about, but I don't see anything in this topic: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. I wouldn't even say it's loosely based on the books - more like it's based on Douglas Adams' story-telling style. Particularly the way he likes to have highly improbable things happen.

The characters are mostly normal... well, maybe not that normal, but they seem really normal when they are playing opposite Dirk, Bart, and the Rowdy 3. Dirk is a holistic detective that does most of his sleuthing by following hunches, using dubious logic, and then getting lucky. Bart is a holistic assassin that kills people that she feels like killing - often very dangerous people that get astoundingly unlucky when they try to kill her first. The Rowdy 3 are... misnamed. Not the first part, they are VERY rowdy, but there's 4 of them.

Anyway, the first season centers around a gruesome murder. Several men were killed in a top floor penthouse by a shark. The daughter of one of them has gone missing. On the way up, Todd (the main character, fairly normal guy, not likely to go off on any adventures) sees somebody that looks just like him, only dressed atrociously, so you know right off that either cloning or time travel is going to be involved. Maybe both. It's best not to assume too much in this show.

The second season involves a magical world (except swords are replaced by giant scissors) that seems to be crossing over to our world. This one also shows us more about the mysterious government office that tries to deal with the extraordinary people like Dirk and Bart. At the end, it sets the series up for a good, long run. Then it got cancelled.

Both seasons are excellent. The first is a bit gruesome and spends a bit more time than I would like dealing with some <ahem> mistakes Todd made in the past, but the overall story arc is excellent. In the end, I was thinking "yeah, a shark would be a good thing to use, makes sense." The second is more even - never stunningly brilliant, never "could we get back to the fun parts already!?" - just good all the way through.

It's been gone for 5 years now, though. The chances of it returning are all but zero. Perhaps a book series?
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I can think of a few tv series I'd like to revisit. Early CSI, The Killing and The Bridge(Scandi Noir) was big for a while, also Borgen.

Over the lockdown I revisited House MD, Hugh Laurie and the cast solving medical mysteries, brilliant. There were a whole load on Daily Motion at that time, even YT.
Ok, so this is a show I actually finished last night. It's a History Channel series, called Project Blue Book that I watched on Peacock. It's based on real life cases of Project Blue Book, where Dr. Allen Hynek worked with the Air Force in the 1950s to investigate UFO sightings. Each episode is based on real cases, but there is a lot of fictionalized stuff around that. They canceled it after 2 seasons, but it's a great show. It ended in such a way that they could have continued it, but it was a decent place to cut it off, too.
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I just realized I should've made it clearer I was being a smart ass —quelle surprise!—above. I try to watch only shows which have finished, as I find it tiresome trying to pick up the threads later—and my SO does too, trying to explain it to me!

It's a TV show thread, have at it :)
Lol. I know you were. But I actually spaced what the thread was about. It's a legit subject. I like being able to binge a show from start to finish, too. It sucks waiting on new seasons to come out.
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Mare of Easttown [2021]
7 episodes
Kate Winslet
Julianne Nicholson
Evan Peters

The cast is headed by Kate Winslet who plays a detective in a small town in the USA. It felt like there was two elements to the story. The first is the "crime drama" which opens with a missing woman situation followed by events that confuse matters until you are not sure what is happening. There are no big gun battles, no mafia organisations just people doing the best they can but ultimately doing stupid things. However by the end everything falls into place - no Sherlock Holmes deductions required just a decent memory and paying attention.

The second element is Mare's family life. She's in her late 40s, divorced, a grandmother, a mother, a daughter and has close friends she has known her whole life. There are some major events in her life that she has yet to process and it means that the troubles at home bleed over in to work.

Not my usual fare as I tend to use TV as an escape from reality or to tell stories I want to hear but I would recommend the show to anyone who likes this sort of thing. It got 16 nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards winning four of them.

[Available on NOW TV and can be purchased for £12 to £17 as DVDs or downloads]
The Law According to Lidia Poët 2023, 6 x 42m
Matilda De Angelis
Eduardo Scarpetta
Pier Luigi Pasino
Based on a true story about Italy's first female lawyer, this has big The Queen's Gambit vibes for me—which is a compliment, TQG is 10/10 for me.

The similarity is probably mainly in the captivating performances by the leads—Matilda in this is every bit as good as Anya Taylor-Joy in the other. Production quality is very high, everything captures 19th century Turin admirably apart from the modern music.

The interesting story arc is Lidia's struggle to be accepted as a lawyer, the individual cases for each episode are nothing special and are detective cases rather than courtroom stuff.

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Jun 23, 2021
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Superman and Lois

There are two seasons of 15 episodes available in the UK on iPlayer. Each episodes is approximately 40 minutes long. Both series are available for over a year. It is broadcast in the 5pm slot on a Saturday so "family friendly".

The Beeb describes them as "relationships & romance" and "sci fi & fantasy" (though I would probably use superhero somewhere in the description). Superman and Lois decide to move to Smallville bringing their two teenage sons with them. So you would think that not much happens in Smallville - you could not be more wrong.

There is plenty of superhero stuff but I think that there is an equal amount about relationships/ friendships and romance. Unlike some other programmes I have seen there is the interaction between teens and parents which is treated seriously. Sibling rivalry is also explored.

Two main stars are Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane.

I plan to watch them again and will try to see the 3rd season which was given the go ahead in March this year.
I really like the story of Superman, this hero makes difference.
The Night Agent 2023 10x
Gabriel Basso
Luciane Buchanan
Fola Evans-Akingbola
This is not too good, unless you're on the beer and just want something to fast-forward on your screen—without you having to lift a finger. Yeah, the pacing is nuts in this—maybe they realized early on that the writing was merely typing, and decided to just focus on action.

Pretty leads who are sadly not very good and have no chemistry. Plot is standard White House thriller, except the size of the plot holes in this are bigger than usual.

We watched, hoping it might improve, and because the frantic pace at least stopped it from being boring.

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Close to Home: Murder in the Coalfield 2022, 6 x 45m
Original title: Lauchhammer - Tod in der Lausitz
Misel Maticevic
Odine Johne
Marc Hosemann
Set in the SE of East Germany, in the city of Lauchhammer in the state of Brandenburg—but set in recent times, so Germany long unified—this is a gritty police drama which is ok. The cast and direction are fine, but the editing is poor at times and the writing is a bit 'off' too often.



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Just finished the third season of the Mandalorian. That was... strange. I felt like each episode had a required quota of battles. Entire episodes seemed to just be like filler quests. Grogu was just... back... somehow? I looked online and it was covered in the Book of Boba Fett, which I didn't watch. The whole Imperial rehabilitation plot line seemed pointless, too.
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Poltergeist: The Legacy 1996, 87 x 1h
Helen Shaver
Robbi Chong
Watched this 25 years ago, so gave it another shot. Not good. Overacting, jumpy editing and maybe adequate writing don't kill it, but the whole sound system sure does.

Music especially—we had to turn on subtitles to follow the dialog, which worked for season 1 ~22 episodes. Got worse at the start of season 2 with what I can only call environmental banging—yeah really, in a hospital sounds like the bowels of a ship or industrial plant—so we dropped it without any feeling of loss.

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Dear Child (Liebes Kind) 2023, 6 x 47
Naila Schuberth
Birge Schade
Christian Beermann
Kim Riedle
Quite good mini-series from Germany, in English. No comedy here, all about a rough captivity of a woman and 2 kids—but nothing graphic either, most of the show deals with after they've been freed.

I didn't know any of the cast, but Naila is superb as the 12yo girl and all the rest are pretty good too. Confusing at times, but a good story moves along nicely.

I haven't watched anything in years. And, no, I would never watch shows like CSI. First of all, they are BS and get everything wrong. Second of all they are drama queens when they don't need to be. But I wouldn't watch the British versions either, which are unnecessarily dour and have the production values of a middle school video project.

Last shows that I watched were all on streaming services and (all years ago) were Lost, 24, The Office (American version), and Parks and Recreation. I never finished the last two because they got worse during the last few seasons. Oh, I also watched all but the final few episodes of Dexter and a few seasons of Supernatural and Bones, all of which were ridiculous but fun to me. I watched the first season of Game of Thrones and loved it. Was going to wait until it was done to watch the whole thing and then everyone hated the ending, so I didn't bother. I tried to get into Breaking Bad, but didn't enjoy it. It's hard for me to like a show when I know from the first episode that the main character is going to die in the last episode.

The last shows I watched on a television were kids shows, like iCarly and Good Luck Charlie, both of which were excellent for family friendly shows, iCarly ended in 2012, so it's been awhile. Every now and then I'll stream a replay of a sports game (I don't like watching them live) on my PC. I don't watch anything on our television, which hasn't been turned on in a couple of years and may not still work.


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